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Investment Planning

Investment advice is everywhere - from newspapers, magazines and web sites, to well-meaning friends, neighbors and co-workers. But can an investment journal alone determine your tolerance for risk? Is your neighbor an expert on asset allocation? And should you formulate a long-term investment strategy on your own?

If you want to take control of your financial future and unlock the doors to financial success, you must have a plan that will allow you to find good investments, reduce taxes, beat inflation, and properly manage money.

Developing a comprehensive financial plan, however, requires time and extensive knowledge - not only of your own personal financial affairs, but of broader investment and financial issues as well. To create the customized plan you'll need to meet your goals, you should consult a professional.

Money Honey financial representatives are highly qualified financial professionals with expertise in investments, insurance, risk management and financial planning. With the guidance of a Money Honey financial representative, you can create a customized financial plan for your unique situation.

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