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Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd – Fixed Deposit

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd – Fixed Deposit Product Note

Rating: FAA+/Stable from CRISIL & MAA+/Stable from ICRA

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd – Fixed Deposit

Interest Rates applicable on FD to listed NCD Applicant/Shareholder from 15-Jul-11 to 31-Jul-11

PERIOD Non Cumulative – Fixed CUMULATIVE YIELD % (p.a.) MATURITY VALUE FOR RS.25000/-
Yearly % (p.a.) Half
Yearly % (p.a.)
Quarterly % (p.a.)
1 Year 9.25 9.05 8.95 9.25 27313
2 Years 9.75 9.52 9.41 10.23 30115
3 Years 11.00 10.71 10.57 12.25 34188
4 Years 11.00 10.71 10.57 12.95 37950
5 Years 11.00 10.71 10.57 13.70 42125

Minimum investment Rs.25000/-

INTEREST RATES Applicable on FD to Investors other than NCD Applicant / Shareholder

Yearly % (p.a.) Half
Yearly % (p.a.)
Quarterly % (p.a.)
12 9.25 9.05 8.95 9.25 27313
24 9.75 9.52 9.41 10.23 30115
36 10.75 10.47 10.34 11.94 33955
48 10.75 10.47 10.34 12.6 37600
60 10.75 10.47 10.34 13.32 41650

Minimum investment Rs.25000/-

Company Profile:
STFC is India’s largest player in commercial vehicle finance, was established in the year 1979. One of the largest asset financing NBFC’s in India with a niche presence in financing pre-owned trucks and small truck owners. STFC is well equipped to grab the available opportunity in the Indian economy which is pushing towards higher GDP growth coupled with its plans to enter newer segments and broaden its product offering which will propel revenue growth and expand margins in medium term.

Salient features of the Fixed Deposit:

  1. The company had over Rs.36,183cr worth of assets under management (AUM) as on FY11 which has grown at a CAGR of 31.50% (FY2007-11).
  2. Total Income has grown from Rs1421cr in FY2007 to Rs5430Cr in FY2011
  3. Total PAT has grown from Rs190.4cr in FY2007 to Rs1229.9Cr in FY2011 by record 59.40% CAGR during the same period.
  4. Net NPA’s have declined to 0.38% as on FY2011 from 1.3% in FY2007 indicating healthy as quality.
  5. The CAR (Capital adequacy ration) has improved from 13.60% in FY07 to 24.9% in FY2011 indicating improvement in capital infusion.
  6. Despite increasing base; STFC has been able to improve its RONW from 17.5% in FY2007 to 25.3% in FY2011.
  7. THE fixed deposit bear an attractive coupon rate upto 11.00%.
  8. The fixed deposit is rated “FAA+/Stable” by CRISIL & “MAA+/Stable” by ICRA.

Financial Details: (all figs are in crs)

Particulars Mar-11 Mar-10 Mar-09 Mar-08 Mar-07 Mar-06
Operating Income 5,428.77 4,492.81 3,697.18 2,495.33 1,402.52 894.50
Gross Profit 1,859.74 1,339.55 955.44 642.89 302.04 225.85
Profit Before Tax 1,848.92 1,324.59 920.63 605.83 289.22 216.16
Adjusted Net Profit 1,230.11 872.73 612.95 389.93 191.55 141.86
Equity Dividend % 65.00 60.00 50.00 50.00 30.00 30.00

Deposit Highlights

  1. Minimum Deposit amount is Rs.25000/- only and in multiples of Rs1000/-
  2. Nomination facility is available.
  3. Interest To be calculated from the date of encashment of cheque/DD and will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.
  4. Interest and maturity value payments are subject to deduction of tax at source wherever applicable.
  5. Deposits will be accepted from individuals, Minor (through Natural Guardians), HUFs, Shareholders and NCD Holders.
  6. No tax deduction at source, provided, declaration in prescribed form No-15G/15H as applicable is submitted for each financial year.
  7. Interest will be payable quarterly and compounded quarterly.
  8. Interest payments through post dated interest warrants, Interest payments also made, by way of national electronic clearing Service (NECS) / National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) at the option of the deposit holders/s.

Entities who are eligible to invest are:
- Minor (through Natural Guardians)
- HUF’s
- Shareholders
- NCD Holders

The documents required by each category for investment in Fixed Deposit Scheme are as follows:

1) Individual

  • Passport
  • PAN Card Xerox Copy
  • Identification Proof and Residential Address Proof
(I) Passport
(II) Pan Card with address proof
(III) Voters Identity Card
(IV) Driving License.

case the address mentioned in the above documents differs from the present address, a copy of anyone of the following documents should be furnished for proof of residential address.

  • Residential Address Proof
(I) Telephone bill
(II) Bank a/c statement
(III) Letter from any recognized public authority
(IV) Electricity Bill
(V) Letter from employer
(VI) Ration Card

2) Shareholders

  • DP Name
  • DP ID
  • Beneficiary ID
  • PAN Card Xerox Copy
  • Address Proof

3) Minor

  • Relationship proof
  • PAN Card of Parent /Guardian

4) NCD Holders

  • Application Number or
  • Bond Certificate number
  • Renewal /Repayment: The Company reserves the right to allow, at its absolute discretion, withdrawal of deposit before maturity. Where a deposit is so allowed to be prematurely withdrawn the relative deposit receipt must be discharged by both /all the depositors in case of A or S (s) deposit and by the first named depositor in case of F or S (s) deposit.

As per the directions of Reserve Bank of India Currently In Force:

  • No Deposit shall be repaid before the expiry of three months from the date of deposit.
  • The Company may, at its sole discretion or at the request of the depositor as the case may be, repay a public deposit after three months from the date of its acceptance, but before its maturity (including premature repayment in the case pf death of depositor) in which case, the company shall pay interest at the following rates:
  • A) after 3 months but before 6months from the date of deposit :- No interest
  • B) after 6 months from the date of deposit but before the date of maturity:- The Interest payable shall be 2% lower than the interest rate applicable to a public deposit for the period for which the public Deposit has run or if no rate has been specified for that period , then 3per cent lower than the minimum rate at which public deposits are accepted by the company.
  • The Company shall not grant any loan against a public deposit or make premature repayment of a deposit within the period of 3 months (lock-in period) from the date of its acceptance.
  • Provided that in the event of a depositor, the company shall repay the deposit prematurely, even within the lock-in period, to the surviving depositor/s in the case of joint holding with survivor clause, or to the nominee or the legal heir/s of the deceased depositor, on the request of the surviving depositor/s nominee/ legal heir, and only against submission of proof of death to the satisfaction of the company.
  • The deposit Receipts duly discharged on a revenue stamp of one rupee must be surrendered to the company for repayment. Amount will be paid by crossed Account payee draft/ cheque. In the case of deposit with ‘Former or Survivor’ clause, the discharge has to be made by the first named depositor only. However, in the case of deposit with anyone or Survivor clause, any deposior can give the discharge.
  • The Company shall intimate the details of maturity of the deposit to the depositor at least two months before the date of maturity of the deposit.
  • The Company has created floating charge on its Statutory Liquid Assets in favour of Trustees representing Public Deposit Holders of the company as per Reserve bank of India’s Directions.
  • The Company may grant a loan up to 75% of the amount of deposit to the depositor after the expiry of three months from the date of deposit at rate of interest two percentage point above the interest rate payable on the deposit.
  • Renewal of deposit with loan outstanding is not permissible. Maturity Payment after adjustment of loan Principal & loan interest will be made on maturity, if renewal instructions for the balance amount are not received within one week in advance of the maturity.
  • All deposit accounts standing to the credit of sole/ first named depositor in the same capacity shall be clubbed and treated as one deposit account for the purpose of premature repayment.

The applicability of form 15G & 15H:

Form 15G can be submitted by an individual below the age of 65 years and the entities falling under the category of Hindu Undivided family (HUF).

Form 15H can be submitted only by an individual above the age of 65 years. Estimated tax for the previous assessment year should be nil. This form should be submitted before the first payment of interest.

How to Apply
The Application for Fixed Deposit must be made in the prescribed form and lodged at MoneyHoney office and should be accompanied by an “A/CPAYEE” cheque/demand draft drawn in favor of “Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd.” payable at par at the centers where application is submitted.


ALEMBIC PHARMACEUTICALS LTD has increase the rate of interest for 1 year FD to 9.50% p.a.


BHARAT BIJLEE LTD – has started accepting Fresh FD with revised Rate of interest. Cheque / DD payable at ‘MUMBAI’ only.

1 year - 9.00% p.a.

2 years - 9.50% p.a.

3 years - 10.00% p.a.

ICICI Prudential Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series II – 24 Months

ICICI Prudential Capital Protection Oriented Fund – Series II – 24 Months Plan with following features:

Tenure : 735 days
NFO Period : 14th July to 28th July 2011
MICR cheques : 28th July 2011 MICR cheques
RTGS and transfer cheques : Till end of business day on 28th July 2011
Switches : Till cut off time(specified for switch outs in the source scheme) 28th July 2011
Tentative Date of Allotment : 02-Aug-11
Date of Maturity : 06-Aug-13
Option to be launched : Cumulative and Dividend Payout- Default Sub Option – Cumulative
Entry / Exit Load : Nil
Minimum Application Amount : Rs.5000 and in multiples of Re.10 thereafter
Liquidity : To be listed
Benchmark : CRISIL Composite MIP Blended Index.

Asset Allocation Pattern of the scheme

Type of security
Indicative allocation (% of corpus) under normal circumstances
Risk Profile
Debt securities & money market instruments
88% to 100%
Low to medium
Equity or Equity related Securities
0 – 12%
Medium to high

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd IPO

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd IPO
Issue Period : July, 27 to July, 29, 2011

Issue Size : Rs. 1245 cr

Price Band : Will be announced two working days prior to the issue opens

Lot Size : Will be announced two working days prior to the issue opens

Employee Discount : Will be announced two working days prior to the issue opens

QIB Book: 50% of Net issue size

HNI Book: 15% of Net issue size

Retail Book: 35% of Net issue size

Sundaram Capital Protection Oriented Fund – 3 Years (Series 4)

Sundaram Capital Protection Oriented Fund – 3 Years (Series 4)

NFO Opens on – 15th July 2011
NFO Closes on – 29th July 2011

The product has been rated AAA (SO) by CRISIL.

Premier Ltd – Started Accepting Fixed Deposit from Public

Premier Ltd. (Formerly know as The Premier Automobiles Ltd.) – Product Note

Premier Ltd. – Fixed Deposit Scheme

Scheme (A) Non Cumulative Quarterly Income Plan Scheme (B) Cumulative
Period Min Amt ROI * Period Min Amt ROI ** Maturity Value Yield
24M 25000 11.00% 24M 25000 11.00% 31,060 12.12%
36M 25000 11.50% 36M 25000 12.00% 35,128 13.50%

*Interest Payable Quarterly ** Interest Compound Quarterly
Company Profile: Established in 1944, Premier Ltd. (Formerly know as The Premier Automobiles Ltd.) went on to become the pioneer of automobile manufacturing in India. Today, Premier Ltd. is on a constant growth curve, rapidly gaining stature in both its segments : Engineering and Automotive.
The Engineering segment has two activities – CNC Machine Division and Engineering while the Automotive segment consists of Light Utility Vehicles and Sports Utility Vehicles.
Originally based in Mumbai, Premier Ltd. relocated to its present, ultra-modern, ISO 9001 certified plant at Chinchwad, Pune. Spread over 27 acres, this plant now serves as the centralized research, development and manufacturing for all activities.


Sensing the trend of the future for energy generation, Premier’s engineering division has turned a sharp focus on alternative energy sources – specifically, the wind energy sector. Accordingly, it went on to develop and manufacture cutting-edge wind turbine components for companies such as Enercon.

In fact, Premier’s engineering division provides end-to-end solutions for wind turbine component manufacturing. This includes fabrication, machining, blasting and painting of wind turbine steel parts like disc rotors, stator rings, stator carriers, rotor housings and supporting structures.

Machine Tool

Premier’s CNC Machine Division has consistently distinguished itself by setting new benchmarks for industry excellence. Today, the company’s focus on high-end technology has resulted in a sophisticated line of CNC Machine Division.

Today, CNC Gear Cutting machines, Machining Centers, CNC Vertical Turning & Turn mill Centers and custom-built Special Purpose Machines bearing the trusted Premier label are regularly used by leading industries.


Premier gave India the ubiquitous Premier Padmini. Today, Premier’s automotive division has reentered the passenger vehicle segment with the launch of India’s first compact diesel SUV – the RiO.

Other products in the newly launched range of commercial vehicles designed specifically for Indian roads are : Sigma – a compact, multi-utility diesel van, and Roadstar – a highly versatile pickup truck

Other Details:
Listed on BSE and NSE. Current market capitalization is Rs287Cr as on 15-Jul-11.

Current Stock price is Rs93/- as on 15-Jul-11
Premier Ltd. (formerly The Premier Automobiles Ltd.), declared a dividend of 27% for the year ended 31st March ’11. During the year, Gross Sales increased by 42%, EBITDA was higher by 58% and Profit after Tax increased by 11%.

Financial Details (all figs are in Cr)

Particulars Mar-11 Mar-10 Mar-09 Mar-08 Mar-07 Mar-06
Sales Turnover 243.11 158.59 137.19 119.30 89.14 147.65
Gross Profit 34.74 26.49 19.20 21.93 56.78 24.99
Profit Before Tax 23.06 20.17 15.89 19.16 55.07 23.78
Adjusted Net Profit 18.45 16.30 13.73 20.91 5.82 18.42
Equity Dividend % 27.00 27.00 25.00 25.00 20.00 15.00

Head Office Premier Ltd
58, Nariman Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021, India.
Tel: +91-22-6117 9009,
Fax: +91-22-6117 9003

Regional Office Premier Ltd.
Mumbai Pune Road, Chinchwad,
Pune 411019, INDIA
Tel: +91-20-66310000

Board of directors:
Maitreya Doshi – Chairman

Sundaram Mutual Fund: 6Month FMP

Sundaram Fixed Term Plan-BI.
Details are as follows:
Name of the Scheme : Sundaram Fixed Term Plan-BI
NFO Opens on : 14th July 2011
NFO Closes on : 18th July 2011
Tenure : 6 Months
Option : Growth, Dividend – Payout

Cheque must be in favour of SMF FTP-BI

Listing of Secured NCD of Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd

Listing of Secured NCD of Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd with effect from Monday July 18, 2011 on NSE.
For the purpose of trading on the system, the security shall be identified only by its designated codes and trading in such securities shall be in such lot sizes as specified in Annexure.
This circular shall be effective from July 18, 2011.
For more information or any assistance, feel free to email at info@moneyhoney.co.in or call now at 7738032704

DSP BlackRock FMP- 12M-Series-26

DSP BlackRock FMP- 12M-Series-26 as per details mentioned below:-

DSP BlackRock FMP – 12M – Series-26
Date of Opening July 20, 2011 (Wednesday)
Date of Closing July 27, 2011 (Wednesday)
– All switches needed to submitted before 3:00 p.m. on the closing date
– All applications need to be submitted before 4.00 p.m. on the closing date
Options Growth (Default option) and Div Payout
Min Application Rs.5,000/- and multiples of Rs.1/-thereafter
Date of Maturity August 1, 2012 (Wednesday)
Date of payout August 2, 2012 (Thursday)
Listing The units are proposed to be listed on BSE or any other recognized Stock Exchange as may be approved by the Trustee, within 5 business days from the date of allotment
Loads Entry Load – NIL
Exit Load – Not Applicable (The Units under the schemes cannot be directly redeemed with the Mutual Fund as the Units will be listed on the Stock Exchange/s)

For more details or application forms, please feel free to email it at info@moneyhoney.co.in or call now at 7738032704

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