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About Us

At MoneyHoney, we’re committed to encourage people to save money and invest. For over a decade, we have been able to channelize their savings into the future for their financial well-being.

Our Mission

We have understood that there were a lot of young people who were building successful careers and earning well but also, looking for options to manage their money better. MoneyHoney was founded with an aim to make high-quality financial advice and professional investment management accessible to everyone. But we didn’t just stop there. We wanted to create an experience that can inspire people to stay invested.

Our approach to investing is simple but difficult to follow. We don’t follow the crowd and market movements. For us, the protection of capital is as important as to optimize investment returns. Ultimate objective is to grow wealth but without losing capital.

India is growing at an unprecedented rate and to sustain this rate, today’s young generation needs to prepare for unexpected events by channelizing their savings by investing in the appropriate product.

Anup Bhaiya is the founder of Money Honey Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. He has been in the financial services industry for over 22 years now and manages one of the largest retail investment networks in the country. Having managed investments for tens of thousands of clients, he has immense experience in understanding the needs of a regular investor.

Anup Bhaiya
Founder & Managing Director
Anup Bhaiya
Founder & Managing Director

Caring your Financial Health

Our endeavor is to help the investor to build a diversified portfolio and maintain asset allocation based on risk tolerance and investment objective. We would want the investor to save and invest on regular intervals instead of on ad-hoc ways. We don’t want them to take decision based on events or news or noise. We do this by engaging with them at regular intervals and providing them inputs which matters them most.

  • Recommend them to take a rational decision over the emotional decision.
  • Encourage them to save regularly instead of ad-hoc basis.
  • We want them to remain focus on asset allocation and not on market movements.
  • We advise them to allocate money based on the goal and not based on market trends.
  • Our experienced advisory team through in-depth primary research constructs a portfolio of schemes

Idea is to avoid future financial stress in the family. And this is possible only when someone is saving money at regular intervals and at right asset class as well. We help investors to channelize their hard earned saving into the productive asset class. This, in turn, helps them to protect their future purchasing power and maintain the same standard of living.


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Reasons why we might be the right fit for you.

24x7 Support

We know it’s important to get professional guidance you can trust. That’s why our young and experienced team are available by phone, email, chat, and in-person for one-on-one support – when you need it most.

Online and Offline Investment with Doorstep Services

We offer web-based online investment platform where investors can manage their accounts, access their portfolios and make investments seamlessly across multiple devices and those who prefer traditional offline investment can make investments through phone and then we take care of your documentation through doorstep services.

Unbiased Advisory Services

Investment is not a onetime process but a journey that an investor needs to take on with a trustworthy advisor. We believe that our unbiased advisory services will reflect over a period of their investment journey.

Invest in Multiple Assets

Invest the way you want with access to a variety of investment choices. Select from Fixed Deposits, Bonds, NCDs, Mutual Funds and more to diversify your portfolio.